November 10, 2014

Lily is 5 Months Old

Big Events 
  • 10/12 - Cousin Ben's 2nd birthday party
  • 10/14 - 4 month appointment and vaccines - everything looks good!
  • 10/18 - 4 month pictures with Katharyne Dunn AND I roll over. 
  • 10/21 - Coffee and a walk with Vanessa and Paxton
  • 10/25 - Celebrated Uncle Tyler's birthday. 
  • 10/30 - Last breastfeeding - all on formula now
  • 10/31 - My first Halloween
  • 11/1-11/4 - To Cedar Falls for Great-Papa's funeral
  • 11/6-9 - Mom and Dad left me with Grandma and Grandpa Grunder for Aunt Jennifer's wedding in Tennessee. 
  • 11/7 -  Five Months Old!

    Typical Daily Schedule

    Midnight* - wake for a quick bottle and fall back asleep.
    6:00 am* - bottle and new diaper with Dad, back to sleep. 
    9:30 am - awake for the day. Play with Mom and a bottle at about 10. 
    11:30 am - nap for about an hour then more play time. 
    2:00 pm - bottle and snuggles with Mom. 
    3:00 pm - nap for about 2 hours. 
    5:30 pm - Bottle with Dad while Mom gets some alone time
    8:00 pm - bath, pjs, another bottle and bedtime.  

    *about half the time I combine these into one feeding at 3:30 am making who ever feeds me significantly more tired for the day. 

    Things I Love:

    • Mortimer the Moose
    • The Exersaucer
    • "Flying" 
    • Chewing anything and everything

    This Month's Milestones:
    • I roll all over the place! 
    • I spend all night in the crib and usually only fuss a few minutes before falling asleep by myself
    • I self soothe (!) by sucking my thumb. 
    • I sit and stand with only fingers for support.
    • I almost exactly doubled my birth weight by my 4 month appointment (on the 14th) and am over 2 feet tall! 

    Highlights of the Month:

    • My bedtime moved from 9 to 8 since I have a bottle instead of breastfeeding.
    • I have to use size 3 diapers at night, even though I'm more than 3 pounds too light for the weight range. 
    • I weaned to formula this month and am so much fuller and happier after eating. 
    • When I have my bottle with Mom I hold her hand on the bottle and use the other hand to hold her face/mouth. When Dad feeds me I pet his beard. 
    • I can laugh without the screech now. I still squeal when I'm excited but they're separate noises. 
    • I wear mostly 3 month clothes. The onesies fit perfectly except for the length. I'm too tall for my weight!
    • I let M&D go on a date in DM - Grandma and Grandpa D we're able to do my bedtime routine and put me to sleep in the pack n play just fine. Then when M&D we're done, they buckled me in and I kept sleeping all the way home. 
    • I figured out how to suck my thumb without poking myself in the eye. I still suck other fingers too, but I prefer my thumb.
    • I really want to crawl but so far I just get up on my toes and drive my face into the blanket.
    • I had a horrible cold starting on Halloween that lasted a week. During that week, the furnace went out, Great-Papa Halupnik passed away, I had 2 foster "siblings" for a day and Mom got a sinus infection. 
    • I had a really great time with Nana and Papa Grunder while M&D were at Aunt Jennifer's wedding in Nashville. I got to see Great-Grandma, Great-Aunts Vicky and Penny, Aunts Melissa and Amanda and lots of cousins while they were gone too. And (most importantly) I didn't snub Mom when they got home!

    With Grandma Sherry
    Hanging out with Great-Papa Dale
    4 Generations
    Grandma and Grandpa Bob and their grand-babies
    Love tummy time now that I can roll
    Tutu time!
    Ready for cold weather
    I can laugh now too!
    I love "flying"
    Here's my smirk
    Loving the Exersaucer
    Too tired to eat
    Happy Halloween
    Our little college student
    Using Mom's old crib
    Napping with Grandpa at Great-Grandma's apartment
    With Grandpa while Mom and Dad are in Tennessee
    5 Months Old!
    5 Months Old!

    October 7, 2014

    Lily is 4 Months Old!

    Big Events 
    • 9/7 - My first morning in the D6 nursery
    • 9/9 - Hung out with 2nd Cousin Courtney
    • 9/11 - Grandma Sherry came to visit
    • 9/13 - Watched ISU win my first CyHawk Game!
    • 9/16-18 - Went to Minnesota for Great-Grandma Hilarion's funeral (5 hours each way!)
    • 9/19-21 - Cornerstone had its 20th Birthday celebration
    • 9/23 - I started flipping from my belly to my back
    • 9/26-27 - Went to Mount Vernon to visit Grandma and Grandpa Grunder 
    • 10/4 - Went to Ellie K's 2nd Birthday Party
    • 10/7 -  Four Months Old!

      Size/Percentile: As of 10/14/14
      • Weight: 12 pounds 5.5 oz (10th)
      • Height: 24.25 inches (33rd)
      • Head Circumference: 16.46 inches (79th)

      Typical Daily Schedule: 
      My schedule is about the same as last month. I sleep about 11 hours at night (10pm-9am), waking up twice to eat (3:30 and 7 am). Then I hang out with Mom for the day. I usually nap for a few hours in the early afternoon and then wake up in time to see Dad get home. I may or may not take another nap in the evening, but sometimes I just snuggle instead. I would like to eat from about 6:30 to 9 pm straight, but instead Mom feeds me around 7 and then Dad gives me a bottle of formula at 8. Bath time is still at 9 and then it's time to sleep for the night!

      Things I Love:
      • Mortimer the Moose
      • Anything that can go in my mouth
      • Exploring different textures
      • Snuggle naps
      • Watching any screen I can - I love the Top Gear guys!

      This Month's Milestones:
      • I flip from belly to back
      • I'm still a super drooler and talk a lot.
      • I sit up with support
      • I love to stand on laps
      • I got my first cold and was very stuffy for almost 2 weeks!

      Highlights of the Month:
      • I go to the nursery at church on Sundays. The ladies love me... until I get hungry!
      • I blew out three times in 2 days (including during Great-Grandma Hilarion's funeral!) so I've moved up to size 2 diapers
      • I eat completely without the shield, and am doing pretty well eating from a bottle - I just have to be pretty calm to get started.
      • I'm still figuring out laughing- right now I smile, almost giggle and then screech like a pterodactyl. 
      • I still wear almost all 0-3 month clothes, but the 3 month outfits are starting to fit. 
      • I get cranky if I can't flip to my belly to sleep, so mom and dad put me on my side. 
      • I will suck on any and all fingers except my tongue. A favorite is 3 from one hand and 2 from the other... at the same time.
      • Aunts Melissa and Amanda come play with me every Sunday night while Mom and Dad host connection group. 
      Hanging with Mom after my 3 month pictures
      Taking up the whole bed
      Hanging out with 2nd Cousin Courtney
      Lunch with the Grunder family minus Grandpa
      Rocking my scarf from Great Aunt Penny S.
      ISU wins!! Cyclone State!
      Very excited for church
      On the way home from Great Grandma's funeral
      Napping after getting back home
      Practicing flipping during tummy time with Daddy

      Practicing taking a bottle from Daddy
      Found myself in the phone screen 
      Love "standing" on Daddy's lap
      Really I just love hanging out with Daddy
      Rocking my gifts from the Sitzs - scarf and moccasins 
      4 Months Old!
      4 Months Old!

      September 6, 2014

      Lily is 3 Months Old

      Big Events 
      • 8/8-10 - Celebrated Great Papa's birthday in Mount Vernon
      • 8/13 - 2 month doctor's appointment and first round of vaccines
      • 8/17 - DeWaard family pictures with Jennifer and Todd
      • 8/19 - Helped move Amanda in at ISU 
      • 8/21 - Visited Amanda on campus
      • 8/23-24 - Celebrated Mom's birthday with family
      • 8/28 - Hung out with the Waids
      • 8/30 - Farmer's market with the Goodmans
      • 9/3-5 - Went to Missouri with Dad for work
      • 9/7 -  Three Months Old!

      Typical Daily Schedule: 
      I get up for the day about 9 am. I eat and then hang out in the living room while Mom pumps. Then I eat at about 11:30 and nap most of the day, eating every 3 hours and then spending some time smiling and playing before napping some more. I'm awake from about 7-8:45 and then get my bath. Then I eat until about 10 and sleep until 8:30 or so, waking up 2 or 3 times to eat.  

      Things I Love:
      • Ceiling fans
      • My bath
      • My play mat
      • Watching any screen I can - especially at church
      • Dancing with Daddy
      • "Laughing" at the funny noises Mom makes for me

      This Month's Milestones:
      • I'm a super drool-er
      • I "talk" with Mom and Dad a lot more
      • I'm starting to sit up with support
      • No more swaddling to sleep at night
      • First time in the pool - just my toes though, the water was too cold!

      Highlights of the Month:
      • Falling asleep on Mom's hand when she burps me sitting up at night.
      • My first major blowout - for Dad after almost not pooping for 3 days - warning photo ahead!
      • I can eat without the shield, but it's easier with it and Mom's lazy lately. 
      • My pajamas went from a little too big to way to small overnight - Mom thinks I grew at least a 1/4 inch!
      • Dad got a full body shock from me playing peekaboo. 
      • I either crank my head WAY back or flip onto my belly from my side to sleep
      • Was a champ for my first set of vaccines, but then was pretty cranky for a few days after.
      • I'm trying really hard to figure out sucking my thumb, but mostly I just suck really loudly on my fist. 
      • Since I found both my hands and my tongue, I try to pull on my tongue, and then when I gag myself I look at Mom and Dad like "why did that happen?!?"

      Rocking out Poolside

      With Great - Papa at his birthday party
      Mom and Dad's wash cloths covered my whole body
      Visiting Amanda on campus
      Oh you!

      Mom and Dad don't understand how this can be comfy.
      "Sitting up" with Daddy

      With cousin Madeline
      Yoohoo... big summer blowout! 

      Trip to Missouri for Dad's work

      Getting ready for pictures
      Poop face
      Three months old!