August 27, 2011

Wedding Pictures {Preview}

Here's the first set of preview pictures I received from our photographer, Silje Lynne. She was pretty wonderful :)

This is my favorite so far - I LOVE the reflection of the tree in Mike's ring!

Lip color and no eye make-up makes me look so different than usual! 
(I was mid-getting ready here)


Saturday the 20th we went to the Farmer's Market and got sweet corn (YUM!) and then came home and Mike made me brunch - WAFFLES! On our super-fancy-wedding-waffle maker :)

Doesn't he just look studly in my apron?? 
(Thanks to Melissa for the awesome apron!)


Cook or Clean??

On the Friday after we moved in (the 19th), I made our first big meal, chicken tetrazinni, spinach salad and chocolate milk.
Here's the recipe for those interested (ingredients are bolded)

Mix together and heat 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 1 can sliced mushrooms, 1 stick butter, 1 pound sour cream and ¼ cup cooking sherry (apple cider can be substituted). Add to 3 large chicken breasts, cooked and cubed and 1 pound angel hair pasta cooked and drained. Spread into 9x13 pan and top with grated parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 to 40 minutes (until bubbly and browned). Let sit a few minutes to solidify a little, but if you like it creamier, eat fast :)

Anyway, since I married a wonderful serving man, he said he'd clean when I cooked. And thanks to Grandma Glenda, he has the perfect tools to do so :)
Click on the picture to make it bigger and take a good look at the scrub brush :)

Moving In to Our First Place

Ok, so I have been an absolutely awful blogger. We've been married 2 weeks now and I have at least 4 posts worth of pictures and updates so sorry for lots of posts at one time. First of all, moving in. Tuesday the 16th, -

Yeah, there's a lot of stuff.

 So then Mike set out to set up our desk... which came in a million pieces, and ended up like...
This! Yay for having a handy hubby! :)

So I continued to unpack while Mike went back to work, and this is what we have now:

and here's the living space:

If you want to see more... come over and visit us! 
Coming Soon: Waffles!, Cook or Clean?, First Day of School and Wedding Picture Preview

August 2, 2011

Our place!

We have an apartment! We moved in yesterday (well, our shower stuff and Mike's stuff - my stuff will come with me after the wedding) and Mike is living there now! He loves his much shorter commute to his job in Ames, but I know it'll take a while for it to feel like home. We're both looking forward to living there full time, decorating, etc to make it OURS. It was such a great thing Monday to hear him say he'd meet me at home- now that I can get used to quick. :)
So here it is the initial tour:
The floor plan-
The living room/ kitchen-
The bathroom-
The kitchen once we had stuff in it-
And last but not least our awesome friends helping us set up our new dining set - the first furniture purchase

More pictures coming once we have everything in it. Should be more interesting that way :) t-minus 11 days til the wedding!!