August 27, 2011

Moving In to Our First Place

Ok, so I have been an absolutely awful blogger. We've been married 2 weeks now and I have at least 4 posts worth of pictures and updates so sorry for lots of posts at one time. First of all, moving in. Tuesday the 16th, -

Yeah, there's a lot of stuff.

 So then Mike set out to set up our desk... which came in a million pieces, and ended up like...
This! Yay for having a handy hubby! :)

So I continued to unpack while Mike went back to work, and this is what we have now:

and here's the living space:

If you want to see more... come over and visit us! 
Coming Soon: Waffles!, Cook or Clean?, First Day of School and Wedding Picture Preview


Dale & Marty said...

Oh, Michael, I thought you were a real man! Now I see you were looking at the "Assembly Instructions". That is a "No NO"! You never look at the instructions, you just put it together, take it apart, put it together, and take it apart until your wife says, "Why don't you look at the instructions?" and you reply, "I don't need any stinking instructions!" Then you sneak the instructions into the bathroom, read them, and then go put it together and say, "See I didn't need the stinking instructions!"

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