July 4, 2011

Weekend Update

It's been a long time without a post, so here's a quick update at least. We're currently 40 days out from the wedding!! Planning is moving along, slowly but surely. I'm sure it'll have to pick up in the next couple weeks. 

We spent this weekend relaxing and enjoying our time with family and friends at my house. Mike came over on Thursday afternoon and we swam and then went bowling for a few hours at a place in CR that does $10 for as many games as you want + shoes --> AND I ACTUALLY WON A GAME (of the 6 :P ) 

Friday we used the gift card my parents got Mike for his birthday to go golfing, I didn't suck nearly as much as the last time, which was exciting. We played 9 holes because it was 110 heat index outside (we went through 5 bottles of water the two of us in that time) and then hurried back for some time in the pool.

Saturday we reverted to our true selves and made a super-duper awesome fort and watched The Iron Giant in it. That evening we went down to Coralville for a free concert in the park - Sidewalk Prophets and Robbie Seay Band, put on by LIFE 101.9. 

Sunday we went to church and then the Hardin's and the Pfoff's came over for some swimming, food and totally legal backyard fireworks :D 

So far today we've gone to breakfast with the Hardin's and walked around uptown because there was a 4th of July antique sale going on. We didn't get anything, but I did love these -

Hopefully I'll get more consistent with updating. Til then, Happy 4th, be safe and I'll see you soon!


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