March 25, 2012

NO MORE ER... Please!!!

That's right. No more. I'm past my quota for the year.

So far this year we took in a friend who had an allergic-esque reaction to her contacts and then Mike's grandmother at Christmas when she had pneumonia after her final treatment for lung cancer (she's doing wonderfully now, PTL!!). That's about two times more than any other year, so I thought I was done. But no.

On Friday Mike decided to be a really great husband and re-wash the dishes that didn't get clean in our awful dishwasher without me asking or anything. While doing so he sliced his finger on our "big old serial killer knife". Luckily (1) we live 5 minutes from the ER, (2) the knife was fairly clean and really sharp and (3) he filleted it making a shallow cut and avoided all the tendons in the knuckle.

Once the 5 stitches come out next weekend, he'll be all fixed up.

Sorry if this make's ya nauseous or something, but my mom was okay with it so I  hope its safe for everyone :)


Mary Kaisand said...

I shut my eyes as I let Jon check it out. :) I'm sure its not "that bad" to look at but wouldn't want to take any chances on this stomach of mine these days! Hope it's not causing too many problems with everyday stuff... :S

Megan Traxel said...

Haha you crack me up! I just got your text... my phone was dead when you sent it and it just came through. How weird is that? We're busy but nothing too out of the ordinary :) I was glad to see you made it through yesterday!

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