May 7, 2012

Chalk the Walk 2012

Here's some quick pictures of Chalk the Walk this year. We finished on Saturday because it was supposed to storm, but it ended up not. I'll add the photo by the professional photographer from above in the next couple days because I don't have that one yet. For those of you who don't know, Chalk the Walk is a festival in Mount Vernon, IA where Main Street is shut down and sectioned off into 8x10 foot works of art done with chalk pastels. This is the fourth year Megan and I have done a "big square". You can also pay $10 for a box of chalk and do a part of a (I think) 24x40 foot community piece.

Our supervisor :) Check out the feet burn lines. Those apparently got missed with the sunscreen. Also notice all the chalk around Mike done by random kids around the big pieces of art. That's usually some of my favorites :) 
Thanks to Ace Hardware! 
Our design that we started with. Came up with it Friday morning at like 10:30 and started less than 24 hours later... oh finals :/
Megan and I with the completed work
I love this one because Mom pointed out the kids' reactions. This is what we got ALL DAY. It was so fun to hear them all so excited about UP. 


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