September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

So this one's been a doozy!! Super busy, as all long weekends seem to be:

Friday our family group started after classes/work. We are helping to lead a group for international students through IFC (International Friendship Connection), a ministry within our church. We had 5 Chinese students come, with Bible knowledge ranging from Christian's who read often to a few girls who had never seen a Bible before. I'm excited to get to know them all more in the coming weeks.

Saturday we drove down to Des Moines for a "Gotcha" party. Friends of ours have now not only picked up their new daughter from Ethiopia, but got to sign on the dotted line for the three girls that have been living with them in foster care for almost 3 years!! From 4 to 8 kids in just a few weeks!

After the party we drove back up to Ames for the Cyclones' first game and win of the season! We beat Tulsa. Now, considering my height, I usually watch football games like this:

So you can imagine how excited I was when ^^that guy^^ moved and I could see the game like this (well with the zoom lens): 

After the game, we did stadium clean up with SALT Company (the college ministry at Cornerstone) and then went home to rest our weary feet!

Sunday we had 16 kids in out 2.5-3's nursery (plus one 10-12 year old "helper" that wasn't so helpful), so it was sure busy. After that we had lunch and did a LOT of neglected laundry. We spent the evening with Ryan and Britney in Ankeny, having dinner and playing frisbee golf and cards. 

Monday we spent the day at Adventureland with our friend Mary's family. All I can say is, what a trooper!! You see, Mary is due with their first in THREE WEEKS. We're so excited to meet their little girl. Now we're back to the daily grind, but with only a 4 day week, woot! 


Mary Kaisand said...

Haha, I was just thinking how I'm glad I wasn't any closer to my due date on that Labor Day at Advenutureland! I've gotten a lot more uncomfortable since then! However I guess when your due date is less than a week away......
Can't believe it!

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