March 5, 2014

Bump Ahead!

Alright, for for those who have wondered about belly pictures, here they are :) We're doing a picture approximately monthly so we have 1-5 and will take #6 in a couple weeks. I'll probably just update this post with new pictures as they come, so that they're not all over Facebook - I'm sure I'll have enough pictures going up come June for you all to be sick of me, so I'll give you a break now!

Here's a sign picture so that my bare stomach isn't the one used as the thumbnail...
...and here come the belly pictures!

October: the belly starting point

November: About 2 months (9 weeks)

December: About 3 months (13 weeks)

January: About 4 months (18 weeks)

February: About 5 months (23 weeks)


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