July 7, 2014

Lily's First Month

Big Events 
  • 6/7 - My birthday! (Read about my birth here)
  • 6/9 - Came home from the hospital
  • 6/11 - First follow up appointment - down to 5lbs 9oz
  • 6/12 - 2nd follow up for weight gain - up to 5lbs 10oz
  • 6/13 - Met Great-Grandma and Papa
  • 6/14 - Met Uncle Tyler and Cousin Ben
  • 7/15 - Grandma Sherry went back home after helping Mom and Dad for a week
  • 6/16 - My due date. I went to Baby Basics at Cornerstone, my first trip other than to the doctor
  • 6/17 - Lost my cord stump
  • 6/19 - 2 week doctor's appointment - up to 6lbs 6 oz!
  • 6/22 - Church and then newborn pictures with Katharyne Dunn
  • 6/25 - Grandma Sherry, Melissa and Amanda came to visit, go shopping and have lunch
  • 7/3 - Fireworks in the van (I was eating)
  • 7/4 - Parade for the 4th of July
  • 7/7 - 1 Month Old! Daddy left for a business trip overnight

Size/Percentile: At 2 weeks 
  • Weight - 6 lbs 6 oz (6%)
  • Height - 19.75 inches (33%)
  • Head - 14.06 inches (75%)

Daily Schedule: 
I wake up the first time in the morning about 6:30-7:30, around the same time Daddy leaves for work. Mommy and I usually take a nap until I wake up again at about 9:30. During the day, Mommy wakes me up with a diaper change every 2-3 hours if I don't wake up on my own. After my diaper is changed I get to eat. I usually eat for about 20 minutes, but I like to "comfort nurse" and use Mommy as a pacifier in the evenings. Mom feeds me right before she falls asleep, between 11 and midnight, and then I wake up once in the middle of the night to eat. Sometimes Daddy gives me a bottle that Mommy pumped if she's too tired to hold me to nurse.

Things I Love:
  • Boob. 
  • Snuggling/sleeping on Daddy's chest 
  • Having my arms swaddled (otherwise I punch myself)
  • My duck (Wubanub pacifiers - duck and giraffe)

This Month's Milestones:
  • I've cried real tears since before I left the hospital.
  • I follow Mommy and Daddy's voices by turning my head
  • My eyes rarely cross anymore and I focus on faces pretty well
  • I can hold my head up for about a minute when I'm on my belly
  • I smile at Mommy and Daddy (and after I fart)
  • I don't cry at baths, clothes or diaper changes anymore!
  • Two growth spurts - Mommy was amazed how much I ate!

Highlights of the Month:
  • I eat really efficiently, but only with the shield
  • I have scared multiple people with how loudly I can fart/poop
  • I kept almost all of my hair and the top of my head is finally filling in!
  • I still don't fill out my other newborn sized clothes, but my Carter's brand ones are getting snug now!
  • I slept in the Mei Tai for walks to the farmer's market on Saturdays
  • I stretch out my neck and purse my lips - Aunt Amanda calls it my "turtle face"
  • My baths are all in the bathroom sink, because I still fit laying down in the cradle
  • I usually sleep either in my carseat or in bed with Mom and Dad after middle of the night feedings
Lily's first picture
Drowning in the hospital's clothes
Sleeping on her first afternoon at home
Way too small for the bouncy seat
Apparently Grandma Sherry wasn't very entertaining
Meeting her Great-Grandparents
Family picture!
Dressed up to leave the house for the first time.
2 weeks old
Napping with Daddy
Our little burrito
Fourth of July
Napping through the parade
Dancing with Daddy


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