November 10, 2014

Lily is 5 Months Old

Big Events 
  • 10/12 - Cousin Ben's 2nd birthday party
  • 10/14 - 4 month appointment and vaccines - everything looks good!
  • 10/18 - 4 month pictures with Katharyne Dunn AND I roll over. 
  • 10/21 - Coffee and a walk with Vanessa and Paxton
  • 10/25 - Celebrated Uncle Tyler's birthday. 
  • 10/30 - Last breastfeeding - all on formula now
  • 10/31 - My first Halloween
  • 11/1-11/4 - To Cedar Falls for Great-Papa's funeral
  • 11/6-9 - Mom and Dad left me with Grandma and Grandpa Grunder for Aunt Jennifer's wedding in Tennessee. 
  • 11/7 -  Five Months Old!

    Typical Daily Schedule

    Midnight* - wake for a quick bottle and fall back asleep.
    6:00 am* - bottle and new diaper with Dad, back to sleep. 
    9:30 am - awake for the day. Play with Mom and a bottle at about 10. 
    11:30 am - nap for about an hour then more play time. 
    2:00 pm - bottle and snuggles with Mom. 
    3:00 pm - nap for about 2 hours. 
    5:30 pm - Bottle with Dad while Mom gets some alone time
    8:00 pm - bath, pjs, another bottle and bedtime.  

    *about half the time I combine these into one feeding at 3:30 am making who ever feeds me significantly more tired for the day. 

    Things I Love:

    • Mortimer the Moose
    • The Exersaucer
    • "Flying" 
    • Chewing anything and everything

    This Month's Milestones:
    • I roll all over the place! 
    • I spend all night in the crib and usually only fuss a few minutes before falling asleep by myself
    • I self soothe (!) by sucking my thumb. 
    • I sit and stand with only fingers for support.
    • I almost exactly doubled my birth weight by my 4 month appointment (on the 14th) and am over 2 feet tall! 

    Highlights of the Month:

    • My bedtime moved from 9 to 8 since I have a bottle instead of breastfeeding.
    • I have to use size 3 diapers at night, even though I'm more than 3 pounds too light for the weight range. 
    • I weaned to formula this month and am so much fuller and happier after eating. 
    • When I have my bottle with Mom I hold her hand on the bottle and use the other hand to hold her face/mouth. When Dad feeds me I pet his beard. 
    • I can laugh without the screech now. I still squeal when I'm excited but they're separate noises. 
    • I wear mostly 3 month clothes. The onesies fit perfectly except for the length. I'm too tall for my weight!
    • I let M&D go on a date in DM - Grandma and Grandpa D we're able to do my bedtime routine and put me to sleep in the pack n play just fine. Then when M&D we're done, they buckled me in and I kept sleeping all the way home. 
    • I figured out how to suck my thumb without poking myself in the eye. I still suck other fingers too, but I prefer my thumb.
    • I really want to crawl but so far I just get up on my toes and drive my face into the blanket.
    • I had a horrible cold starting on Halloween that lasted a week. During that week, the furnace went out, Great-Papa Halupnik passed away, I had 2 foster "siblings" for a day and Mom got a sinus infection. 
    • I had a really great time with Nana and Papa Grunder while M&D were at Aunt Jennifer's wedding in Nashville. I got to see Great-Grandma, Great-Aunts Vicky and Penny, Aunts Melissa and Amanda and lots of cousins while they were gone too. And (most importantly) I didn't snub Mom when they got home!

    With Grandma Sherry
    Hanging out with Great-Papa Dale
    4 Generations
    Grandma and Grandpa Bob and their grand-babies
    Love tummy time now that I can roll
    Tutu time!
    Ready for cold weather
    I can laugh now too!
    I love "flying"
    Here's my smirk
    Loving the Exersaucer
    Too tired to eat
    Happy Halloween
    Our little college student
    Using Mom's old crib
    Napping with Grandpa at Great-Grandma's apartment
    With Grandpa while Mom and Dad are in Tennessee
    5 Months Old!
    5 Months Old!


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