June 8, 2015

Lily is ONE!!

Big Events: 
  • 5/7 - 11 Months old!
  • 5/9 - Went to Johnston for Mother's Day
  • 5/13 - Tooth #4
  • 5/16 - Went to Johnston to see Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Todd
  • 5/17 - Pictures with Katharyne
  • 5/20-22 - Girls' time with Mom while Dad was in Missouri
  • 5/30 - Urbandale for 2nd cousin Peter's grad party
  • 5/31-6/3 - Baby B stayed with us. Grandma Bev visited on Tuesday and we took lots of walks.
  • 6/5 - Walked the Main Street Art Fest before staying with Nic and Kassia so Mom and Dad could go on a date
  • 6/6 - Mom went to Mount Vernon for a wedding
  • 6/7 - Had my birthday party because I am 1 Year Old! 

Typical Daily Schedule
Wake up around 8:30, breakfast bottle, play time, lunch,  nap from 11:30-3:00, bottle, play time (usually a walk when Dad gets home), dinner and bedtime routine (bath, pjs, bottle, bed) starting at 6:30, usually asleep by 8.

Things I Love:

  • My walker and stuffed puppy (DOG)
  • Going for walks in the Ergo or the stroller
  • Swings!
  • Raspberries, mashed potatoes and chicken

This Month's Milestones:
  • Climbing the stairs 
  • Another tooth
  • Can get off the couch (relatively safely) by myself 
  • Gives hugs and kisses when Mom asks 
  • I turned ONE!! 

Highlights of the Month:

  • I moved up to my 9 month clothes this month! The pants are pretty long, but luckily it's summer, so I can just wear shorts most of the time
  • When Mom bought the fruit for my birthday party, I reached in to the bag on the walk home and grabbed the raspberry container and shook them at Mom "asking" to eat them the whole way home. 
  • I could not be more excited than when Dad gets home for the day. As soon as I hear the door I crawl to the kitchen to see him come in. I also really don't like it when he leaves after lunch if I'm awake. 
  • I'm a better listener, but still very stubborn. I am getting better about not pulling on things I'm not supposed to touch. 
  • I love getting to spend so much time outside and at the park, especially the swings. Mom and Dad got me my own swing for the front porch for my birthday. 
  • I am strong enough to walk and stand up by myself, but I'm too chicken. I will let go of the activity table to show Mom and Dad my toys, but if you try to stand me up without something to hold on to I will sit down immediately. 
  • I have discovered the kitchen cabinets and the dishwasher - time for the safety locks!
  • I had a Pink Lemonade themed party on my birthday

This and next 5 photos by Katharyne Dunn Photography


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