December 7, 2015

Lily is 18 Months Old!

Big Events: 
  • 9/7 - 15 Months Old on Labor Day
  • 9/15 - Announced her Big Sister status
  • 9/19 - Mount Vernon for the Stanbrough wedding
  • 10/3 - Center Grove Orchard with Amanda 
  • 10/4 - Cousin Ben's birthday party in Grimes
  • 10/10 - Flu shot and then riding the train for Papa's birthday
  • 10/30 - Downtown trick or treating
  • 11/21 - 18 mo and Family Pictures in the snow with Val Marlene Photography
  • 11/25-27 - Thanksgiving with the Goodmans
  • 12/7 - 18 Months old

Size (Percentile)as of 12/10 
  • Height - 31.75" (48%)
  • Weight - 21# 6.5oz (33%)
  • Head Circumference - 18.9" (90%)

Typical Daily Schedule
Wake up around 8:30, breakfast (milk and cheerios) with snuggles on the couch, play time, lunch at 11,  nap from noon-3/3:30, snack (water bottle and granola bar/animal crackers), play time and/or errands, dinner and bedtime routine (bath, pjs, brush teeth, books and bed) starting at 7, usually asleep by 8.

Things I Love:
  • Reading books
  • Anything she can "drive" - and they all say "weee!"
  • Talking 
  • Giving hugs and kisses
  • Her flannel blankies
  • Pointing out all the "babies" - aka people or pictures of people, no matter their age. 

My New Milestones:
  • Tooth #6 and working on the first molar
  • Takes herself to bath/nap time 
  • Brings us specific things when asked
  • Puts away all the shoes (and will take them off your feet to do it)
  • Words: Amen, up, yeah/yesch (think Sean Connery), nigh-night, bye-bye, baby, Nana, car, truck, please, thank you and love you, duck, cat, lots of animal noises. 
  • Signs: please, more and help
  • Points to her belly button, feet/toes, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, teeth, and hair
  • Getting much better with spoon and fork - but hands are still way easier and faster. 

Highlights of the "Month":

  • Wears all 12 month clothes now and still in size 3 diapers (4's for overnight). 
  • Very particular about how to sit on laps - will move your legs depending on if she wants to sit on them or between them. 
  • When it's wet in the bath, her hair is between her shoulder blades... dry it doesn't touch her shoulders. Holy curly!
  • Waited for Dad by the back door for most of September when it's almost time for him to get home from work. Now she runs to meet him with a hug as he comes in.
  • Throws her head back to laugh maniacally if she finds something funny. Saying her own name was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. 
  • Folds hands to pray before meals and bed... and will interrupt the prayer to say "aaa-meh" if she's impatient to get her food. 
  • Aunt Amanda came over for daytime trick or treating. Lily was a monkey (we said "peas" instead of trick or treat) and if you asked her what monkeys say, she said "ROAR"... Pax was a lion and had been practicing. 
  • Couldn't have asked for a more helpful toddler for family pictures - such a cheeser! 
  • Slowly transitioning to regular bedding - the crib now contains both her blankie and a regular quilt. Pillow soon to come (just have to remember to wash the case). 
  • Molars are mean. We're about a month into waiting for this one and sleep is now non-existent from the pain. 
  • Big sister training! Loves giving kisses to Little Brother in Mom's growing belly. 


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