April 30, 2016

Theo's First Month

Big Events 
  • 3/30 - Your birthday! (Read about the pregnancy/birth here)
  • 4/1 - Came home from the hospital, Grammy Bev went home after watching Lily
  • 4/4 - Follow up appointment at the hospital
  • 4/6 - Nana Sherry went back home after helping Mom and Dad 
  • 4/8 - Lost your cord stump
  • 4/9 - Your first outing (other than the doctor) was to B-Dubs for Daddy's birthday
  • 4/13- 2 week doctor's appointment
  • 4/20 - 3 week weight and jaundice check 
  • 4/22 - Started EPing for bottles
  • 4/28 - 4 week weight check
  • 4/30 - 1 Month Old! 

Size/Percentile: As of 4/28/16 
  • Weight - 7lb 10oz (4%)
  • Height - about 21" (27%)
  • Head - about 14.5" (39%)

Daily Schedule: 
You sleep most of the day, waking up for a diaper change and to eat about every 2-3 hours, more often in the evening. Your longest awake times are from 9-11:30a and about 3:30-6:30p. Dad feeds you right before he falls asleep while Mom pumps, usually about 10:30, and then twice in the night (2:30 and 7a).

Things I Love:
  • Eating, sleeping and pooping ;) 
  • Snuggling/sleeping on Mom or Dad 
  • Having your elbows swaddled in the Halo, but you need your hands out!
  • Wubanub/Soothie pacifiers

This Month's Milestones:
  • Focus on faces and follow voices. Dr Nau says you're abnormally attentive and we may have a little genius on our hands :) 
  • Starting to smile - dimples!!
  • Huge growth spurt in week 3

Highlights of the Month:
  • You wear NB diapers (and fill about 10 a day) and your Carter's NB onesies still hang to mid-thigh. 
  • You peed out of your going home outfit... AND the back up outfit. Luckily Great Aunt Vicky had brought you a cute outfit as a gift! Mom and Dad are getting much better at being ready to "catch" with the new diaper if needed.
  • You latched and ate without a shield within an hour of being born! Unfortunately, Mom was so excited that she didn't care that it was a pretty shallow latch, so you did some impressive damage that we fought for a few weeks.
  • You were back within 4 oz of your birth weight (you had lost at least 8) by your follow up at the hospital. Unfortunately, you only gained 3 more ounces by your 2 week appt and another 3.5 the next week - not enough per day to avoid falling off the growth curve. Mom started pumping and giving you bottles so you could still get breast milk and to start introducing formula if you wanted more, just in case. By 4 weeks old you were up 12 more ounces! Apparently you were just eating enough at the breast to not feel hungry, not actually getting full. Now we're just getting into a routine to be sure Mom is ahead when you want to eat. 
  • You were also slow in getting your belly button healed up and your jaundice levels down, but those both took care of themselves. 
  • To offset the feeding/weight gain problems, you were a fantastic sleeper. Mom hated having to wake you up every 4 hours at night because none of us wanted to be awake - including you. 
  • While breastfeeding, you slept in bed with Mom and Dad. Once we started bottles, you mostly moved into the pack n play, but were still in our room, and still slept on our chests if you had a hard time settling. Usually we could help you resettle by holding your hands/laying a hand on your arms, patting your back or making a shushing noise.
  • You still HATE the bath, which you take in the sink while Lily is in the tub. Mom is both excited and nervous for you to be able to share. 
  • You got Dad's dimples! You mostly only smile as you finish eating, pass gas or are falling asleep; or if Papa Doug is holding you.  
  • When it wasn't rainy, we took lots of family walks with you in the Ergo and Lily in the stroller. We went downtown, to the park and to Target more times than Mom is proud of. 
  • Your birth certificate (and therefore your SS card) had a typo spelling you name "Theddore"   
Your first photo
Daddy finally got a turn to snuggle you
Meeting Lily
Very upset about your first bath

Cousin Ben cried when he couldn't bring you home with him.
Not a car seat fan - heading home!

Lots of walks in the carriers, mostly the Ergo
Not a care in the world about being at the doctor's office again

Baby Mullet :)

"smile" for Papa

Mom took my paci to take pictures! 

One Month Old!


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