January 17, 2013

Catching up and big plans for 2013!

So after finishing up 2012 with multiple family Christmas', New Years with good friends and lots of knitting...

Family Group Christmas with our international student "family"

Halupnik Christmas in the Twin Cities

Some of the knitting was Amanda's Christmas gift - an 11 foot long scarf like the one the Doctor from Doctor Who wore in the 1970s. I think she liked it :D

Mike and Tyler making their appetizers for Dewaard Christmas

Playing with Ben at Christmas - he IS a "gift to all the ladies"!

...we are working on some big plans for 2013... the Traxels are house hunting! After just a few showings (literally, it was the second we looked at) we found a house here in Ames that both we love AND passed the Dad inspection with flying colors. I just got back from a meeting with the loan agent and sometime this weekend we're planning on putting in an offer! Can't wait for this new step in our lives together and to see what God has to do with it.

Also on the Calendar for 2013 -

  • Mike started CST (Cornerstone School of Theology) a partnership our church has with a seminary where he can take all the classes to get his Masters either online or at the church here in Ames. I'm auditing his classes and so far they're a lot of work for him, but really interesting. Please pray for his endurance while he is working full time and taking classes.
  • I get to graduate in May!! YAY!! I'm both excited to be done and sad that it means lots of great friends also graduating and leaving the area. Bittersweet. 
  • Four weddings (so far) including officially welcoming two new cousins into the Grunder family - but let's be honest, they already count ;)
  • Our two year anniversary - time really flies! It doesn't feel like it could possibly be that long!
  • Continuing working with the 2 and a half to 3 year olds in the church nursery and meeting with our family group (international ministry) and community group through Cornerstone. 
So here's to welcoming 2013 and God's plans for furthering His kingdom through all our lives this year!


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