January 7, 2013

Catching Up: Honeymooning in Cozumel

Yay, we're to November now! Here's our belated honeymoon!

Day one: AKA look at the super pale Midwestern winter people!
The view from our room. This is facing West, towards Playa del Carmen

This is what we did most of the trip. Also, notice that book? My man's reading about string theory on vacation. This is one of the times I called him Sheldon. My nerd. :)
The yellow building is our resort, Playa Azul.
Sunset day one
Our best weather day was spent in hammocks hanging from palm trees, listening to Toes by  Zac Brown Band
I got picked out of the crowd at the sea lion show. This is him serenading me to profess his undying love for me. 
But here's my true love (that's right Hun, you beat the sea lion!)
We mostly just sat on the beach or in our room (it rained a few days) and read.
or slept.
This one's for you Courtney. It's the biggest drink I got, sorry. It did have enough rum for a giant drink though!
On our last full day we rented bikes and rode into town to get souvenirs. 
Click if 18+ to see Mike's gift for Shane, which I forgot to pack in our liquids and so had to pull out at security to repack (using my body to shield the young family behind us of course). These were everywhere and were quite... creative. 
We didn't end up getting this, but found it pretty fitting
Friday morning right before our bike ride into town. 


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