September 6, 2014

Lily is 3 Months Old

Big Events 
  • 8/8-10 - Celebrated Great Papa's birthday in Mount Vernon
  • 8/13 - 2 month doctor's appointment and first round of vaccines
  • 8/17 - DeWaard family pictures with Jennifer and Todd
  • 8/19 - Helped move Amanda in at ISU 
  • 8/21 - Visited Amanda on campus
  • 8/23-24 - Celebrated Mom's birthday with family
  • 8/28 - Hung out with the Waids
  • 8/30 - Farmer's market with the Goodmans
  • 9/3-5 - Went to Missouri with Dad for work
  • 9/7 -  Three Months Old!

Typical Daily Schedule: 
I get up for the day about 9 am. I eat and then hang out in the living room while Mom pumps. Then I eat at about 11:30 and nap most of the day, eating every 3 hours and then spending some time smiling and playing before napping some more. I'm awake from about 7-8:45 and then get my bath. Then I eat until about 10 and sleep until 8:30 or so, waking up 2 or 3 times to eat.  

Things I Love:
  • Ceiling fans
  • My bath
  • My play mat
  • Watching any screen I can - especially at church
  • Dancing with Daddy
  • "Laughing" at the funny noises Mom makes for me

This Month's Milestones:
  • I'm a super drool-er
  • I "talk" with Mom and Dad a lot more
  • I'm starting to sit up with support
  • No more swaddling to sleep at night
  • First time in the pool - just my toes though, the water was too cold!

Highlights of the Month:
  • Falling asleep on Mom's hand when she burps me sitting up at night.
  • My first major blowout - for Dad after almost not pooping for 3 days - warning photo ahead!
  • I can eat without the shield, but it's easier with it and Mom's lazy lately. 
  • My pajamas went from a little too big to way to small overnight - Mom thinks I grew at least a 1/4 inch!
  • Dad got a full body shock from me playing peekaboo. 
  • I either crank my head WAY back or flip onto my belly from my side to sleep
  • Was a champ for my first set of vaccines, but then was pretty cranky for a few days after.
  • I'm trying really hard to figure out sucking my thumb, but mostly I just suck really loudly on my fist. 
  • Since I found both my hands and my tongue, I try to pull on my tongue, and then when I gag myself I look at Mom and Dad like "why did that happen?!?"

Rocking out Poolside

With Great - Papa at his birthday party
Mom and Dad's wash cloths covered my whole body
Visiting Amanda on campus
Oh you!

Mom and Dad don't understand how this can be comfy.
"Sitting up" with Daddy

With cousin Madeline
Yoohoo... big summer blowout! 

Trip to Missouri for Dad's work

Getting ready for pictures
Poop face
Three months old!


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