August 30, 2014

15 Minute DIY Nursing Necklace

Lily has hit the stage where she has to hang on to something while she nurses, either a necklace or my skin. My usual necklace was thin and dug into my neck and her razor blade thin fingernails scratched up my chest like crazy. Enter the nursing necklace! I got the idea searching Pinterest, where I found links to ones on Etsy that looked great, but I didn't want to spend $20+ or wait for it to ship, so I made my own. It cost about $7 in supplies (with left over rings and beads) and about 15 minutes. I say 15 minutes, but I also had to change my bobbin and re-thread the sewing machine, so it could probably be even less!

What you need:
  • 5" wide strip of fabric (by however long it comes on the bolt, usually 44")
  • Wood ring (came in a 5 pack, with the knit/crochet supplies)
  • 1" diameter wooden beads (6) 
  • Coordinating 1" ribbon (two pieces at least 12" long)
  • Sewing machine and thread 

  • How to Make your Necklace:
    Fold your fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together (like the picture). 
    I recommend choosing a fabric with a simple, non-linear pattern so that it folds nicely around the beads.

    Sew the long side to form a tube. I did two passes about an eighth inch apart for strength, but it was probably overkill. When you're done, trim the fabric close to the seam and turn your tube right side out. Iron flat if you want, but I'm to lazy :)

    Fold your tube in half and thread it through the ring. Put both of the ends through the loop and pull tight, straightening and flattening your knot as you go.

    On each side, tie a knot and pull tight. Slide a bead into the tube and knot tight. Repeat three times on each side. 

    Roll in the end of your tube to make a clean edge and insert the ribbon. Fold and tuck the ends of the tube around the ribbon to make a nice edge and sew. 
    Again I did two passes, for strength.

    Repeat on the other side. Tie on with a bow and decide if you want to trim your ribbon. When you like the length of the ribbon, carefully melt the ends with a lighter to keep the ribbon from unraveling. 

    Put that necklace on and enjoy baby having something other than you to yank on while they eat!


    Anonymous said...

    Great Megan! Don't let anyone say you don't have any engineering blood in you!!!

    Courtney Reese said...

    This is so great, thank you! I'm headed do beads now!!

    Courtney Reese said...

    *to get ... LoL my auto correct is crazy

    Jessica Cossin said...

    Thank you so much! I am making this for a 1st time Mom, she used to babysit for my oldest son! This makes me feel so old! I just got a new sewing machine, and this gives me a great opportunity to give it a test drive! Thank you!

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