August 4, 2014

Hospital Packing List

So this post is mostly for me for if/when we have Baby #2 and I can't remember any of this :) The hospital provided gowns and a robe for me and everything but mittens and a pacifier for Lily. Here's what was actually used from our bags at the hospital. 

  • For Me:
    • For Labor
      • Thick pillow
      • Sports bra
      • Dark zip up hoodie/jacket
      • Phone + charger
      • Fuzzy socks/slippers
    • For Recovery:
      • Flip flops
      • Non-gown clothes option: black pj pants, nursing top and bra, socks
        • dark top for pictures
      • Toiletries - Chapstick, hairbrush, extra hair ties, makeup for pictures, toothbrush/paste and deodorant, little shampoo/conditioner
      • Going-home clothes: loose pants, nursing top, nursing bra and "maternity undies"/depends
  • For Mike:
    • Paperwork folder: pre-registration form, insurance card, driver's license, check for birth certificate, contact list for first announcement
    • 2 Changes of clothes
    • Pajamas/Slippers
    • Blanket/pillow
    • Toiletries - Deodorant and toothbrush
    • Snacks
    • Laptop & Cord
    • Phone & charger
    • Camera & charger
    • Extension cord
    • DVD's and other boredom busters
  • For Baby:
    • Car seat in van
    • Coming home outfits (1 Carter's NB and 1 other NB or 0-3 mo.)
    • Outfit/hat/blankets/props for pictures
    • Pacifiers - didn't use but will probably have in the diaper bag
  • Extra bag - for all the stuff from the hospital for me and for baby

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