January 2, 2015

Lily's First Christmas

Okay, so this probably should have come before our Year in Review post, but I'll update it with a link to this one. Lily's first Christmas was actually 6 celebrations in 4 weeks, so there are lots of pictures!

First came DeWaard Christmas with Bob's family on the 6th:

Eat all the paper!
Then Mike's family Christmas the weekend before Christmas:

Dressed up for church

Our little family Christmas on Monday the 22nd:

My gift from Mom and Dad
Mom got the time capsule ornaments up to date
Christmas Eve with cracker crowns at the Hardin's house:

My family Christmas on Christmas day (and the surrounding days):

And finally Halupnik Christmas in Cedar Falls the weekend after Christmas:

Phew. We made it.
I also did a (couple) mini photo shoots of Lily too. Here's our favorites:


It wasn't all cute though: 

Especially when we added in her cousins:

But we survived and did have a very Merry Christmas!


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