December 26, 2014

Year in Review 2014


CST continued (NT1 and Basic Evangelism)
Continued with discipleship, connection, missions and family groups.
Trip to Missouri with Mike for work
Baby started kicking (for sure) 1/18
Ultrasound on the 29th - Baby Traxel is a GIRL!!


I looked "actually pregnant" on the 1st
Mike could feel Baby Girl kick on the 17th
Mike spent a week in Arizona with work leading up to Valentine's Day
Mike started teaching Theology of the Gospel with our CST class
Finished the major projects in the bathroom.


Finished NT1 and started NT2 for CST
First respite placement - 11 y.o. boy "J" for a week
Meals from the Heartland with CG
Leaky pipe! Dining room reno part 1. (Part 2 may be blogged someday...)
Sunderland and Waid weddings - Hosted the Youngs and Woodses


"Babymoon" trip to Chicago over Mike's 24th birthday
Nic and Mike hung the ceiling drywall
Baby shower with the DeWaards on the 26th
Baby shower with CG on the 27th


Mike to NC for work
Baby shower with Grunders on the 3rd in Bettendorf
Finished classes for CST
Birthing class and Hospital Tour
Amanda's high school graduation!
Mike's surprise work shower
Extra ultrasounds for Baby Girl (you can read why in our Pregnancy Story)
Memorial Day weekend - Sunderland house warming, time with Meyers and maternity pictures with Jenny and Tyler


June 7 - Lillian Kay Traxel is here!  Here's her Birth Story

Baby Basics class at Cornerstone
Lots of time at home as a family of three (Plus Grandma Sherry for a while - woot!)


Lily's One Month Old! (These posts have lots of pictures and events in Lily's month)

Megan's 5 Year Reunion
Cousin Madeline born on 7/23
Surprise ER trip when Mike got his appendix out


Lily is Two Months Old!
Papa's 80th birthday celebration
Family time with Jennifer and Todd
Megan's 24th birthday


Lily is Three Months Old!
Trip to St. Joseph MO for Mike's work
Grandma Hilarion's funeral in MN
Started leading a community Connection Group with Nic and Kassia
Cornerstone's 20th Birthday Celebration


Lily is Four Months Old!
Birthday parties for Ellie K. and cousin Ben
Visit from Grandma and Papa Halupnik
Met with Paxton's parents about doing daycare
Lily's first Halloween


Lily is Five Months Old!
Papa Halupnik's funeral services
Jennifer and Todd's wedding in Nashville - Lily stayed in Ames with Nana and Papa Grunder (and everyone else in the family!)
Parent Child Dedication at Cornerstone
Thanksgivings at Grunder's and Goodman's houses


Lily is Six Months Old!
Mike had lots of time off work - we love having long weekends!
Megan started doing daycare for Paxton (2 months younger than Lily)
Lily's first Christmas!
Happy New Year!


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