February 25, 2014

House Projects: Upstairs Bathroom

By far our biggest project was the upstairs bathroom. It's been going since April and feels so good to be done!!! Here it is originally:

Not a huge fan of the glass brick, but to remove it removes the back wall of the shower - yeah, the shower head is on the opposite side of the tub from the faucet and drain. Weird. The real problem here is that that "vanity" is really three TWELVE INCH kitchen upper cabinets. That makes the space between the half wall and the vanity about 17" - and the toilet is back behind the shower! Not going to work when I get pregnant (check) and ginormous (in process) SO:

We pushed back the wall to form an inset space for the vanity! The room on the other side is our master, and it actually had lots of space to donate to the bathroom. The tape on the floor is the basic outline for the new walls.

Bead board, flooring and old exterior-siding-used-as-drywall removed and copper plumbing re-routed. This is right before the PVC plumbing got moved.

Unfortunately, trying to find anything plumb in a 100 year old house was a lot of frustrating work for Mike and my dad.

But they have mad skills, so they got it all framed and electrified anyway. We added a couple outlets and a "fart fan" because the bathroom didn't have one to start with and only had one outlet about 6" off the ground.

Then Mike went to town on drywall. Seriously. There are a lot of angles in that room. And it all had to be cut in the dining room downstairs because full sheets don't fit up the staircase. He's a stud (construction joke. tee hee).

Not to mention having to do the master too. He worked like a fiend to get all those weird angles and corners mudded and taped.

After adding texture to the walls, to match the few existing pieces, the bathroom got primed and the cement board for the floor installed. Notice how Mike feels about being done with drywall work for a while. 

And then we primed and painted (Notre Dame by Valspar) and poured the self-leveler for the floor - step two in the process to be able to use the beautiful tiles we picked out despite having an old house that has settled out of square. Plus, here Mike has all the electrical donzo - light/fan is in and switch/outlet covers up! 

Then Dad came back over and helped with the tiling. Woot!!

The tile got grouted and sealed and then was DONE!

After flooring; baseboard, the toilet and our new vanity and sink (IKEA) were installed and "bathroom stuff" was moved in to be "done" - and almost "done-done". 

So to make it done done it we need to:
Clean like crazy. Man it's dusty.
Trim around door, window and edge of tub. 
Cut and hem the window valance and hang.
Add panel for length to shower curtain.
Buy, install and trim the mirror.
Re-caulk edge of shower.
Buy and hang towel bars and ring.
Buy a trash can
Hang toilet paper holder.
Hang up the clock.


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