January 19, 2014

House Projects: Master Bedroom

So the master bedroom really only needed a coat of paint or two (and a new light fixture - the fan is broken in the on setting) until it was kind enough to donate space to the bathroom project. It started like this: 

And then this happened:
(bathroom post is hopefully coming soon!)

We called this our "open concept" bathroom. Very open concept considering at this point the toilet was actually in the bedroom and the sink in the basement... but anyway, the wall went up and an outlet was added for Mike's side of the bed. 

And then came drywall. In pieces from the dining room, because the full sheets don't fit up the stairs. Lame. But hey, it's done! And it actually looks so good it stands out compared to the old beat up walls. Oops. 

Then it all had to be primed and have the DIY cheapo shelving removed.

Then the fun part started! No really, I like painting. The wall here is curved to the roof line about 3.5/4 feet off the ground. Our bed goes against it, so I did stripes to replace the headboard that we can't/don't have. 
For anyone interested, the colors are Urban Sunrise (gray), Gilded Endive (cream) and Dark Palomino (orange) from Valspar.

After painting the ceiling, Mike replacing the baseboard and LOTS of cleaning (seriously, look up at the drywall picture, that's all dust on the floor, not a tarp) we got to set it up. 

Here's the master!!

To make it "done done" we need to
Switch out one outlet and the light switch to match the rest 
Get a new ceiling fan that will work as just a light - not always turned on high :)
Buy new pillows for the guest bedroom shams since we stole them
Bring up a couple of decorative things from the living room
Clear all the tools and the toilet out of the closet
Move all our clothes etc. upstairs from the guest bedroom!!
Buy shelves as side tables for next to the bed
Buy a bed skirt


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