January 16, 2014

Megan's Knitting Adventures: Catching Up

I re-took up knitting in the fall of 2012, when I realized that Mike and I both needed new hats. I decided to try knitting in the round for the first time and loved it. I made one practice hat that I liked other than some issues with the stripes. Then I got to work on our team spirit hats: Cyclones for Mike and Vikings for me.

Once those were ready to go for winter, I started on my first big project: a classic Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf for Amanda's Christmas present.
 I made it about a quarter of the width of the version from the show, so she could actually wear it if she wanted, but it is still the full 11.5 feet long. 
The pattern for the Doctor's Scarf can be found here.

After I finished the scarf, I still had 3 weeks left of Christmas break (from both classes and work as a TA) while Mike was at work. And since there's only so much housework that can be done in a 600 square foot apartment, I started another project. This was my first pieced project - a stuffed elephant for our nephew. The instructions for the elephant can be found here.

After that was done, it was time to give my poor fingers a rest for a little while! But, by mid-spring, I was ready for another project and decided to try my hand at some baby booties for a friend due in June. I found a pattern here but it's all in French, so after a little trial and error, I put together some instructions in English. The one's I gave as a gift I made in ISU cardinal and gold. 

Over the summer, I then got a pattern from my friend Jael for a simple infant cocoon (like a little sleeping bag). This is my first one in progress. The picture is from my dumb phone, so the quality is horrible, but it's mint green and purple (leftovers from Amanda's scarf). 
Now I'm working on one that will say "hi" on the side in a contrasting color. I'll put up that pattern and pictures whenever I finish it - hopefully by the time Baby Traxel comes in June!! 


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