January 7, 2014

2013 Year in Review

We still exist! Promise! Here are the big events from 2013:

Lots of knitting to fill Megan's 4 week Christmas break - Mike had 4 days off :(
House hunting - we looked at a grand total of 3 houses before putting in an offer on what is now OUR house.
Mike started taking classes though Cornerstone School of Theology (Old Testament and Theology 2), an approximately 2 year program that will result in a Masters of Arts and Theology.
Megan's last semester at ISU started.

Valentine's Day in: watched Ratatoille and had french bread/cheese/fruit/meat and the wine and chocolate covered strawberries.
I dyed my hair red - it was REALLY red. Oops.
Started having Wednesday lunches with Melissa on campus - highlight of my week!

Spent half of spring break in St. Joe's, MO with Mike (for a business trip) and then drove up to Courtney's house in Minnesota to hang out with friends.
Closed on the house on the 28th after full months working with the underwriting process - HINT: even if you have a steady salaried job and the money to put down the 20% on the house and have never been late on any payment, if you haven't had more than one credit card each, you won't have "enough" credit for a pre-approval. Get a store card. Grr.

House projects like crazy (Living Room, Kitchen, and the upstairs bathroom were the biggest - bathroom post still in progress)
Mike's birthday (the parents and I got him a grill)
Elise's wedding shower
Ashley and Brandon's wedding in Cedar Rapids

Megan's graduation from ISU and moving into the house on the 10th (not to mention then hosting hot pot dinner for 20 at the house that night!)  
Megan started working for D6 (the children's ministry at Cornerstone)
Gideon's birthday party and Rachel and Nick's wedding in Cedar Falls
Kidsave golf tournament for Mike in Des Moines.

Jeff and Elise's wedding in Wisconsin - I began my career of music push play-er :)
DeWaard vacation at Kirk's cabin in Sauk Center, Minnesota

CST classes continued (History of Christianity 1) for both Mike and I, as I started taking them through the CORE program - full class with no tuition and no degree.
Picking, pitting and baking our sour cherries from the tree outside
Watching Courtney's new puppy, Lyla

Started looking into the process to become foster care parents
Megan counselled at Kid's Camp

Grunder Campout in Maquoketa
Mike's 5 year class reunion
Cousin Paige's wedding shower
Our 2nd Anniversary trip to St. Louis including meeting Jennifer and Todd for lunch, the Zoo, the City Museum and ice cream with cousins Bryan, Karen and Trenton.
Mike spent a week in North Carolina and 3 days in Missouri for work.
Megan started discipling college students through Salt Co.

CST (Cross Cultural Church Planting)
Paige and Brock's wedding in Illinois
DeWaard trip to the Higbee's cabin in Branson

Started PS-MAPP (the training class for foster care)
Ellie K. and Ben G's first birthday parties
Found out I'M PREGNANT!

CST (Missionary Anthropology),
ISU Volleyball games
Family Thanksgivings - including announcing pregnancy to family

Cribbage and hot pot night with Jake, Sarah, Zach, Emily and Dan
Announced Baby Traxel's existence to the world
First appointments with Dr. Maliki - heart beat is strong!
Lots of Christmas'


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