January 7, 2014

House Projects: Living Room

Our very first project was in the living room. The owners 2 back had walled off the staircase to add a front closet. Then, however, the last owners had removed the closet, but not the wall!
This is the listing photo of the living room. The closet was where the chair is in the picture.
Within 3 hours of closing on the house, Mike was knocking down the wall.

The awesome thing though is what we found in the garage - the ORIGINAL HAND RAIL AND SPINDLES!! All together and labeled as "original woodwork".

So Mike worked to get it all put back together and in place. As of now, we need to create a new topper to the post (it had been cut into to make the closet) and will eventually paint the whole room, but that has been put on the back burner for bigger projects that are still in progress. We will also eventually be refinishing the treads and painting the rises on the stairs, but we want to finish our projects upstairs first so they don't get beat up as we haul tools up and down them!

But it's definitely done enough to be perfect for Christmas decorations :)

Other more minor projects have included some electrical work that my dad helped with, painting the guest bedroom (that we're currently using as our master), putting in a retaining wall ring around the fire pit, and replacing the light fixture halfway up the stairs. 


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