January 7, 2014

House Projects: Kitchen

Project number two was a face-lift for the kitchen. Here it is before any work:
We got straight to work taking down the cabinet doors for me to face and paint while Mike worked on the stairs in the living room
I added 1/4 inch trim around the edges (what I wouldn't have given for a table saw and a pneumatic nailer those days!!!) 
And then they were ready for primer and paint!
In between coats on the doors, I also painted the cabinets, inside (Wet Pavement - light gray) and out (Porcelain Shale - dark grey). It's approximately like painting the Sistine Chapel ceiling in some places :)
Finally though, they were ready to have the doors and hardware re-installed! 
After removing some bead board, the walls got painted ("Swim" by Valspar). 

By removing the bead board, we were able to switch the fridge door to open the logical direction - it used to hinge on the other side. I was a little excited to not have to walk around the door to get into the fridge. First world problems. 
Please ignore the t-shirt, it's simply one worthy of getting covered in paint :)
Mike also primed and painted the dining room (which had to be primed because the previous owners had painted around their old furniture. Urgh.) The color is called "golden moon" but has since been dubbed "Mexican restaurant yellow".
It's much closer to the color in this picture than the next one - the second is really neon for some reason.
Finishing touches included a new sconce above the sink,
a shade to replace the giant funnel they had been using, re-covering the literal can lights (they had applesauce labels to start with) and the chalk board grocery list on the wall above the peninsula. 

To make it "done done" we need to:
Stain and install baseboard in a few places
Eventually switch the "can lights" for actual can lights
Grow 6 inches to be tall enough to reach the cabinets :)


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