February 7, 2015

Lily is 8 Months Old!

Big Events: 
  • 1/7 - 7 Months old!
  • 1/10 - Spent the day with Grammy and Grandpa DeWaard so Mom and Dad could go see the Book of Mormon.
  • 1/11 - I can crawl with my belly up! I still prefer my army crawl though. 
  • 1/17 - I'm big enough to ride in the shopping cart instead of my car seat.
  • 1/18 - Went to Hilton for the first time for the Beauty and the Beast!
  • 1/19 - Paxton started coming to daycare again
  • 1/21 - I got the second half of my flu shot
  • 1/27 - I got sick for the first time - throwing up was really scary. 
  • 1/29-30 - Mom and Dad got sick too, so Nana Sherry came to get me so they could rest. 
  • 2/3 - I can pull up to standing
  • 2/7 - 8 Months Old!

    Typical Daily Schedule
    I don't really have a typical schedule since I was sick. It's close to the same as last month but I change up the timing for my naps about every day. I can't decide if I want to keep taking 2 naps a day or switch to one, but Mom and I are both not ready for only one nap!

    Things I Love:

    • Anything Paxton is playing with
    • My sit and stand
    • My remote from Nana and Papa's old TV
    • Playing in the bath
    • Socks: Mine, others', on feet, off feet, doesn't matter. 

    This Month's Milestones:
    • Belly up crawling
    • Pulling up to standing
    • Steps while holding on to fingers
    • First trip to Hilton to cheer on the Cyclones
    • First time being sick 

    Highlights of the Month:

    • I'm making taking my weekly pictures extra difficult for Mom and Dad now. All I want is to get that chalkboard!
    • I discovered that other rooms in the house exist and want to explore all of them! The heat vent in the living room is also fascinating. 
    • We cheered on ISU to a win over the Jayhawks from home and then went to Hilton to watch the wrestling and gymnastics teams win during the Beauty and the Beast event. 
    • I want anything and everything that Paxton has. It breaks Mom's heart a little to see that sin nature so clearly, even at only 8 months old. 
    • I'm learning that people still exist when they leave the room and it's making being put down for naps and bed really hard for Mom and Dad. When I wake up from my naps in the afternoon I look for Dad and get really sad when he's not home from work yet. 
    • I hold on to the armrest "handles" on my car seat when we drive. 


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