March 7, 2015

Lily is 9 Months Old!

Big Events: 
  • 2/7 - 8 Months Old!
  • 2/14 - Hung out with Aunt Amanda for Valentine's Day
  • 2/18 - Almost escaped the crib - emergency mattress lowering. 
  • 2/19 - Evening with Cousin Courtney for Mom and Dad's foster care training
  • 2/21 - Pictures with Katharyne Dunn
  • 2/25 - Walk/shuffle along furniture 
  • 2/27-3/1 - Nelson family reunion in Albert Lee
  • 3/5 - Nana Sherry here after her trip
  • 3/6 - Swinging at the park
  • 3/7 - 9 months old AND Aunt Melissa is here!
    Size (percentile): as of 3/9/15
    Weight - 16lb 70z (21%)
    Height - 27 inches (25%)
    Head circumference - 17.6 inches (74%)

    Typical Daily Schedule
    Wake up around 8:30, breakfast bottle about 9, nap from 10:30-12:30, lunch bottle at 1, nap from 2:30 to 4:30, dinner (puree, a table food and bottle) at 5, bedtime routine (bath, pjs, bottle, bed) starting at 7. I might wake up for Dad at 6 for an extra morning bottle, but not very often.

    Things I Love:

    • My seat (the swing with the arms locked)
    • My remote from Nana and Papa's old TV
    • Shaking and banging toys to make noise
    • Getting wrapped up in my towel after bath.
    • Socks: Mine, others', on feet, off feet, doesn't matter. 
    • Strings and zippers, whatever your jacket has

    This Month's Milestones:
    • Pull up to standing with ease
    • Intentionally "plop" onto butt to stop standing
    • Walks along furniture
    • LOTS of noises and "talking" 
    • First time in the water to swim - not so sure what to think.
    • Swinging in the toddler swing at the park. 
    • Trying lots of table foods - raspberries are sour!

    Highlights of the Month:

    • I am officially in size 3 diapers all the time. Because of the bulk, Mom had to put away the last of my 3 month clothes, so I'm in all 6 and 6-9 month sizes now. 
    • I pant like a dog when I get excited. Mom and Dad think it's hilarious.
    • I was a trooper for our trip to Albert Lee, MN for the Nelson family reunion. While there I went swimming for the first time. It wasn't bad... so long at I was being tightly held by Mom or Dad.  
    • I've gotten really good at pulling up to stand at things - so good that I tried to escape my crib during nap one day! Mom had to keep me up until Dad got home from work to lower the mattress. Now I just stand up instead of falling asleep.
    • I love all the different sounds and syllables people can make! Nothing is funnier than Mom singing the ABCs to me. So far I say: ma, da, nn, mm, ya, hi and AAAH.
    • Nana sent bubbles for Valentine's Day. At first they just confused me, but now the anticipation of the next set is pretty fun. I don't have quite the speed to pop them on purpose, but I reach for them. 
    • We've been practicing table foods after I finish my purees at dinner. I've had raspberries, bananas, clementines, sweet potato fries, noodles, mashed potatoes! It has done great things for my fine motor control - I use my tongue to move the food to my finger tips to put in my mouth. The raspberries and cuties were really funny for Mom and Dad because of the tartness. 


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