June 30, 2016

Theo is 3 Months Old!

Big Events 
  • 5/30 - 2 Months old
  • 5/31 - 2 month doctor appt. 
  • 6/1 - Blossom Project final data collection
  • 6/4 - Lily's birthday party
  • 6/19 - Father's Day
  • 6/30 - 3 Months old

Daily Schedule: 
You sleep like a boss! Your day starts at either 7 or 9:30 depending on when you have your first morning bottle. If it's before 7, you will fall back asleep until 9:30; if not you're awake and take an extra little nap then. Mom gets you ready and we go downstairs to eat and play at 9:30. At 11:30, you eat and take a big nap from 11:30/noon until 3:30. Back downstairs to eat, see Dad and maybe run errands as a family. Another bottle and a snooze at 5:30, then more play time until bath and bedtime at about 7.

Things I Love:
  • More eating & sleeping, but not so much pooping- you went 6 days once this month
  • The tiger sound maker on the play mat/gym
  • Mom's popping noise. 
  • Dad playing with your legs

This Month's Milestones:
  • So chatty!
  • Bat at toys (mostly accidentally)
  • Much more observant - discovered screens and ceiling fans
  • "Laugh" (between a huff and a giggle)
  • Mimic sticking out tongue
  • First bath in the tub
  • Roll belly to back
  • No more swaddle to sleep

Highlights of the Month:
  • Fitting perfectly in size 1 diapers and most 3m clothes. Some are a little too boxy still, but you've filled out enough to not look ridiculous. 
  • You outgrew the sink for baths so you get to share with Lily now. She's still confused that you can't play with the toys with her.   
  • You eat about 26-28oz a day now. Bottles are typically 5(6:30a), 4 (9:30), 4(11:30), 4(3:30), 3(5:30), and 6-8(bed). Mom freezes about 20 oz a day, which means if everything stays the same, she can be done pumping in Oct/Nov and still feed you through your birthday!!
  • You're all done with the swaddle and you've transitioned from napping on Mom's chest to sleeping in the pack n play. You nap really well on your tummy ... so long as Lily doesn't wake you up.
  • Lily's birthday party and visiting Dad's family were both very over-stimulating, but you were so good anyway... until you were tired. Then it was the End. Of. The. World. 
  • Lily loves you now! You're such a good sport when she asks to "old Tee-oh" almost every morning. Unfortunately, her love often comes with you getting bumped, bonked or kicked. Sorry bud.
  • You still go into the service with us at church because your timing is perfect! We sing, sit down, you get your bottle and snooze in the Ergo on Mom until the end of the sermon (or longer) and then usually wake up during the closing music. 
  • Your first set of shots were pretty rough - it was impressive how red you got, but you calmed down quickly and didn't have any problems after other than some weird poops from the rotavirus (oral) vaccine. After all your checks, you let Dr. Nau snuggle you and he was impressed that you were so social. 
  • The next day you had more tests - this time for the research study mom was in through pregnancy. The big one was checking your body composition in the "pea pod". You looked like a little astronaut in the chamber, but didn't cry at all, just staring at the new surroundings. 
  • Finally decided that tummy time is okay now that you can hold yourself up and flop to your back when you're ready to be done. Or just lay there and suck on your arm. 
  • You're trying SO HARD to figure out sucking your thumb, but mostly just stick your whole fist in your mouth until you gag yourself and get super soggy. 

In the PeaPod

3 months old!


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