October 31, 2016

Theo is 7 Months Old!

Big Events 
  • 9/30 - 6 Months old
  • 10/2 - DeWaard family photos
  • 10/3 - 6 month appointment/shots
  • 10/7-9 - Nana visited
  • 10/8 - Cousin Ben's birthday party
  • 10/13 - Grammy and Grampy babysat for a date night
  • 10/14-16 - Went to MV with Mom and Lily so Dad could work on the basement
  • 10/22 - Pumpkin patch
  • 10/28 - Trick or Treating
  • 10/30 - 7 Months old

Daily Schedule: 
Who really knows? It's been a rough schedule month with a very uncomfortable fussy boy, but we're getting back to "normal". He usually wakes in the morning, eats, plays for about 2 hours and then goes down for a nap, then repeat (but including lunch). That typically leaves about 3-3.5 hours til dinner at 6 and bath/bedtime between 6:30-7.

Things I Love:
  • Eating - milk, formula, puree, toes...
  • When people clap
  • Lily - she's hilarious
  • Outside, especially walks in the Ergo and the porch swing

This Month's Milestones:
  • Sitting is much more stable
  • Up on hands and knees, scootching to move around
  • No more interest in the paci
  • Riding in the cart (not amused)
  • Okay with the church nursery!! 

Highlights of the Month:
  • We've moved almost entirely in to 6m clothes, but some 3m still fit. Overnight diapers are now 3s and we'll switch daytime as soon as we finish up the box of 2s.
  • Mom finished pumping this month! We have enough frozen right now to feed about 50:50 with formula until his 1st birthday when he switches to cow milk. 
  • Purees are awesome and he's gone from eating maybe 1.5oz a meal to 4-5! Favorites are peaches, pears, pear pineapple and prunes. 
  • If you didn't catch it from the above food options, solids did not agree with our poor boy's digestive system. He is finally back on track with a daily bottle of diluted prune juice, but we're still wary of any foods not on the "give for constipation" list. We'll start introducing those along with more finger foods in November. 
  • The tummy troubles came with lots of wake ups. Even the good nights were back to 2 wake ups, which is really hard since he's been sleeping through since he was 7 weeks old! There aren't a whole lot of pluses to EP instead of nursing, but Dad being able to share the night feedings tops the list. The vast majority of the month was spent snuggling this poor boy. 
  • DeWaard family photos were fairly hilarious. We got some great smiling ones... and some full on melt downs. From both of our children. Our poor photographer!
  • The next weekend, I took both kids to my parents' in MV so Mike could have a full weekend to work on finishing the basement. He got a bunch done and we got lots of snuggles with Nana and Papa - and Theo was a rock star in the car! Content to just watch the world go by. 
  • After weeks of trying, he finally decided that the nursery was an okay place to be during church! I barely knew what to do with myself sitting through a full sermon.
  • Theo's first trick or treating went really well. The downtown businesses do a trick or treat at lunchtime on the Friday before Halloween so that littles can participate. Lily was Goldilocks and Mike, Theo and I were Papa, Baby and Momma Bear. Plus Auntie Amanda came with us!  

Mandy Smith Photography
Mandy Smith Photography
How do I get those eyelashes??
Some good times...
...and unfortunately lots of bad times. 

Toes are better for sucking than thumbs
Church in MV with Papa

Musical sculptures on a downtown walk
Pumpkin patch!
Eh... we'll try again next year.

Dressed up for Trick or Treating!

Toes for Auntie Jenny


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