November 30, 2016

Theo is 8 Months Old!

Big Events 
  • 10/30 - 7 Months old
  • 10/31 - Halloween
  • 11/8 - Election day
  • 11/22-25 - Grunder Thanksgiving
  • 11/25-26 - Goodman Thanksgiving
  • 11/26 - Disney on Ice
  • 11/30 - 8 Months old

    Daily Schedule: 
    Best case scenario: Up at 7:15, bottle and nap from 9-11, lunch at noon, bottle and nap 1-3, family walk/errands, dinner at 6, bath bottle and bed at 7. Night bottles at 11p and 5a. BUT today he took one 3 hour nap instead.

    Things I Love:
    • Lily
    • Chewing on everything
    • Self feeding... but is horrible at it
    • Eating my bib
    • Tickles
    • The bath

    This Month's Milestones:
    • Sitting
    • Mobile but not crawling (can't "walk" hands)
    • Semi-successful with a sippy cup
    • Babbles: Dada, Baba and Mama
    • Switched to the big kid car seat (yay Cyber Monday!)

    Highlights of the Month:
    • Mom bit the bullet and put away the last of the 3m clothes, so almost everything is 6m now. 6-9m sleepers fit better than straight 6m though because of the longer torso. 
    • He'll be in all size 3 diapers in a couple days when we run out of 2s.  
    • He eats five 6oz bottles a day with an occasional extra 4oz bottle if he schedule gets off. The 3 daytime bottles are frozen milk and the 2 overnight bottles are formula. He also gets about 6-8oz of puree a day and some very squishy finger foods.
    • He still struggles a lot with anything more solid than canned peaches. Hopefully it improves over the next month or we'll talk to the pediatrician after the new year. 
    • He was a trooper for the second half of his flu shot, just one angry yell but no crying. 
    • Thanksgiving was split between Mount Vernon, Bettendorf and Johnston. We spent Tuesday night through Thursday morning lazing with Nana, Papa Melissa and Amanda, including a trip to the movies for Mom and Dad. Thursday afternoon and evening, we all went to Grunder thanksgiving, where Theo was able to meet 2 of his new second cousins - there were 5 boys born within a year!
    • After leaving Mom's family, we headed to Johnston to see Jenny, Tyler, Ben and Madeline. We ate lots more turkey on Friday and then surprised the kids with a trip to Disney on Ice as our Christmas event (we do something as a family instead of Christmas gifts). Theo slept from Peter Pan to Frozen but woke up for the final number.
    • In the exact opposite of his sister, Theo will push up on hands and feet (baby yoga style) but won't walk his hands. He's able to inch worm, pivot and roll well enough to be pretty mobile, but nothing too quick yet. 
    • Those bottom two teeth are SO CLOSE - Mom can see them but they haven't quite broken the gums yet. 

    5 Point Harness carts - BRILLIANT
    Post election night caffeine

    Meeting 2 of the 5 boy second cousins born this year!

    Sleeping through Disney on Ice


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