January 30, 2017

Theo is 10 Months Old!

Big Events  
  • 12/30 - 9 Months old
  • 1/1 - Theo's first new year
  • 1/4 - 9m doctor appt
  • 1/21 - Blocks babysat for leader meeting
  • 1/30 - 10 Months old

Daily Schedule: 
Up around 7:30, Cheerios and bottle between 9-10, lunch at 11:30, nap 12-2:30, snack (oyster crackers) and bottle at 3:30, family walk/errands, dinner at 6, bath bottle and bed at 7. Night bottles around 10:30p and 5a.

Things I Love:
  • Lily
  • Bubble baths
  • "Drumming" his hands on tables
  • Standing/walking

This Month's Milestones:
  • 2 top teeth (4 total)
  • Bending down for toys while standing
  • Standing to sitting without "plopping"
  • Cruising along furniture
  • Transferring from couch to coffee table 
  • Climbing all the way up the stairs
  • No more purees! 
  • Moved up to the Crawlers room at church

Highlights of the Month:
  • Moved up to just 9m jammies, along with his 6/6-9m clothes, but the pants are all too long. Sorry buddy, that's on Mom. 
  • Sleeping in the crib in the nursery is going great. Lily and Theo very rarely wake each other, which is especially impressive because Lily has had croup and then a persistent cough all month. 
  • No more purees!! He has whatever the rest of the family is eating for lunch and dinner now, along with still having 5 bottles a day - 18oz of milk during the day and 16 of formula overnight. The kiddo is a carnivore! He definitely likes banana and avocado, but will dive past them for bites of chicken or hamburger. 
  • This month has been awesomely empty after the craziness that is the holidays. We spent time with Devines and Sunderlands for the new year, and visited with Melissa, Nana and Amanda before she went back to D.C. but otherwise had no major events.
  • The weather actually left us stuck inside most of the month. Mom was thrilled when we were finally able to get out for playgroup again. The basement play room has been painted, so hopefully we'll get it done soon to have more options for running around inside!
  • TMI Warning: pooping is the most dramatic part of Theo's day. For some reason, unless he's at the table, he thinks the best method is to lay flat on his stomach and thrust his hips forward, essentially clenching his little cheeks closed. This obviously makes everything much more difficult and screaming ensues. 
  • Theo also discovered that he could drink out of Lily's milk cup this month, so we're planning to get more 360 cups soon to start offering a sippy instead of a bottle during the day. 
  • Lily calls him Tee-oh-door, Momma calls him Buddy or Bubba, and Daddy likes to call him "my boooooy" like Amos Diggory in Goblet of Fire.


with his new blanket from Great Grandma Norma

About ready for his first haircut... before Lily gets hers!
Can we talk about those eyelashes?


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