April 19, 2017

Theo's Peter Pan 1st Birthday Party

Theo is ONE! 

It's cliched, but so true that the days are long and the years are short! 
It's hard to believe it's been a whole year already. Where did this baby go?

We celebrated the fact that 

"All children, except one, grow up" 

with a Peter Pan themed birthday party. 

I designed the invitation in GIMP and then printed it via Shutterfly, which ended up cheaper than buying the cardstock and envelopes because I had reached the free shipping limit already. 

Theo got a special onesie that says: Never Grow Up - Theodore Robert is One. 
Typically my father in law prints our birthday shirts (it's his job) but because Peter is Disney licensed, I made this one with a simple iron on transfer. 

I kept food really simple because of the time of the party - just cake, fruit and lemonade. 

I got the idea for the design of the cake from Pinterest HERE

Decor was based around Peter Pan before they leave for Neverland - 
Peter's silhouette in the window, Tink's in the lantern, Wendy's thimble, John's top hat, and Michael's teddy bear around the cake table. In the living room were lots of pictures of the birthday boy and Peter's pesky shadow. 

The only true activity we had was to sign a copy of the Little Golden Book version of the story with a "lovely wonderful thought" to help Theo learn to fly. Otherwise we just spent time with family and friends, opened gifts (and by that I mean Big Sister and Cousins opened gifts and Theo played with the paper) and ate cake. 



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