May 16, 2014

House Projects: Nursery

This room barely counts as a project room other than getting it all set up.
This is the room when we moved in. It was used for storing all of the 2nd floor furniture during the bathroom and master bedroom projects.

We had planned for it to be the kids room for when we started fostering. Now that Baby Girl is on the way too, it will be a combination nursery and kids room. I had picked out this crib bedding (Mudhut Etosha from Target) and was super excited to find out it has a matching set for the twin bed that we got from my parents.

After baby showers and filling the registry (thanks so much!!), it was really just to put it all together. It's a pretty full room, but the basement is planned to eventually be the family/play room, so it shouldn't be too full of toys.

There will be a navy blue painted letter of Baby Girl's first initial on the wall by the window, but we're not 100% set on a name - just in case we change our minds when we meet her. Sorry no hints :)


 Please ignore the mismatched valances. Just one was too short and unfortunately the two didn't line up when we got them. Next time the sewing machine comes out they'll get lined up and sewn together.

Still trying to decide what to do on the wall above the twin bed. 
I may paint a big tree on the wall but that seems like a lot of work, so it'll probably stay plain for a while at least. 

My big DIY's were the origami elephant mobile and the wall art. Plus I guess the mirror, but I made that in high school, so it doesn't really count. 

These are on the wall at the foot of the twin bed. 

To Do List
Set up and make twin and trundle
Wash smallest clothes and crib bedding
Set up and make crib
Organize clothes by size in closet
Hang curtains and valance
Take down valance and sew
Organize changing table
Set up details
Wall art
Bring home the baby!


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